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Rocket Tree Cover

Using a 6-way Geodesic Hub, 1/2 inch PVC pipe, 1/2 inch pipe stakes, and Slip Crosses we built a cover for our citrus tree to protect it from frost.

1 inch PVC Greenhouse

Check out our new 1 inch Arch Greenhouse kit. This kit is great for extending your growing season and even for sheltering equipment and supplies from the rain.

Row Cover Hoops

Use Snap Clamps, PVC hoops, and fabric to make the perfect row covers for your winter greens.

Redneck Golf

Here's a cool idea to make a fun backyard game out of some PVC pipe and fittings.

PVC Truck Tent
Just Glue It

Build your project with PVC and if you need it to be permanent just glue it together! If not, Circo Fittings have a snug fit so glue is not necessary.

Snap Tab on Plywood

Our new Snap Tab being used to attach PVC to a plywood board.

Snap Tab Table

Easily attach your removable table top with Snap Tabs

Snap Tab Table Top

Makes for a great way to break down your PVC table.

Snap Tab

Here are a few angles of our NEW Snap Tab. Snap 1 inch PVC to a wall or flat surface.

Snap Tab

Snap PVC to a flat surface with our NEW Snap Tab

Getting the booth setup

We had a 10x10 spot and it took a full day for the two of us to set everything up.

Upright Grower/Vertical Sign

With Joe Ramey's genius, we put a small grow light and different veggies in the bottom of our Snap Clamp sign. PVC makes it easy.

PVC Fitting Board

Peg board holding our various types of PVC fittings and parts.

Daniel finishing up details
Snap Clamp Action Photo

Snap Clamps are great for hoop houses and screen material.

NHS Booth Day 1

We started with the TV and fitting stand on the right side but then found that more traffic was coming in from the opposite side so we switched it up on Day 2.

Daniel with DIY Network

Daniel had the opportunity to interview with the DIY network. He did great!

Daniel TV Interview

Daniel Ramey is demonstrating to the DIY network how to using the clamp on our small PVC house in the back of the booth.

NHS Booth

Day 2 we swapped the TV stand. It looked much better this way and it drew in more traffic due to the TV being more visible.

NHS TV Interview
Prepare for Spring with PVC

Use our Free Plans to get your garden ready for this spring!

1/8 inch Cable Clamp holding America

Use #1C-2B Cable Clamp to hold flags to your car antenna.

Circo Clip T

Use the Clip T to attach supports to your PVC project. They're also good for holding up heavy fruit tree branches.

Snap Clamp Sample Pack

Sending out samples to stores and other distributors.

PVC Wood Splitter cover

Use Circo PVC to cover your outdoor projects and equipment

pitch roof covers

Cover your equipment using PVC with a Circo Pitched Roof Cover.

Snap Clamps make it easy

Use Snap Clamps to make life easier. Attach your tarps, plastic, shade cloth with Snap Clamps.


Happy Flag Day! God Bless America

Circo PVC recycle bin holder

Build a PVC frame to hold your recycle bins.

PVC quilting frame

Make your own PVC quilting floor frame and hand frame.

Circo chicken hoop

mini chicken hoop made from Circo fittings and Snap Clamps. New display for our customer.

Cable Clamp toothbrush holder

Circo #5C cable clamp being used to hold my toothbrush heads.

snap hinge

Using Circo Snap Hinge to make a door on my greenhouse.

indoor grower

Indoor grower made from Circo fittings and PVC pipe

Adjustable PVC ideas

I made an adjustable light using Circo adjustable PVC fittings.

PVC Wye fitting idea

Use PVC Wye fittings to make cross member support in your PVC greenhouse.

PVC Screw Tab Cap towel rack

Using a PVC Screw Tab Cap/Table cap and PVC pipe I made a towel rack for the pool this summer.

PVC Carport

Make a carport using PVC pipe, fittings, and snap clamps

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