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Snap Clamp

 Snap Clamps are the best way to secure material to PVC.

3 Way PVC fitting
1/2" EMT
3 Way PVC fitting

These aluminum

clamps go over Snap Clamps to strengthen their grip or they can be used by themselves on EMT metal conduit.


Grip Clamp

3 Way PVC fitting

Need to attach

material to rope, cable, or 1/4" PVC? With the Cable Clamp you can! Available in 12" sections, Cable Clamps are perfect for small diameter rope and wire applications.

Cable Clamp


EZ means light grip. 

Easier on and off.

Used to attach tarps or netting to pipe. The ABS clamps have higher temperature resistance and gripping strength than our original clamps. They are compatible with any type of pipe, including PVC. Some applications include greenhouses, row covers, shelters, bird protection, dog beds, and quilting frames. In windy areas, the Grip Clamps can be used to hold the Snap Clamps more securely. 


NOTE: #11 through #16 are also available in 4 foot sections.

Snap Hinge - Two Grip Clamps attached to each other with a hinge. This piece is useful for creating any hinged feature on your PVC project like a door or a window. Available in the following sizes.




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