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What is a Snap Clamp?

A common phrase you hear at Circo Innovations, Inc. is, "Snap, like snap your fingers, and Clamp, like clamp something down." This usually occurs over the phone when we are trying to clarify the name of our most popular product with a customer. This description effectively doubles as a great way to sum up the Snap Clamp. Most commonly used as a device for holding sheet like material to a tubed structure or frame, the Snap Clamp is as easy as snapping your fingers to use, and it securely clamps the material to a pipe or tube. When Joe Ramey was a tile contractor he was faced with a problem. You see, many times he worked inside of these mansions that required not only loads of tile, but tons o

PVC Quilting Frame

Quilting has a rich history in the United States. In fact, one might argue that in many ways quilting is unique to the United States. Whatever the case may be, there is a fond appreciation for the beautiful works done by quilters. Our family has a beautiful quilt that hangs in the family room which is a one-of-a-kind representation of so much family history and values. Quilts have a special way of strumming our heart strings and soothing our soul. Believe it or not, the tools necessary for making quilts are not very complicated. However, having a frame or device to hold the material is essential. In this article I will show you a way to make an inexpensive quilting frame using PVC pipe, fitt

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