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Internal Cap

Internal PVC Caps fit inside of the end of a Schedule 40 PVC pipe, leaving a smooth, flush, domed or slightly curved end.

Circo Internal Cap fittings are available in Furniture grade and in the colors shown above. 

Call for other COLORS (1-877-762-7782)

Circo PVC Internal Caps have a smooth domed shape on the top. The Internal cap or Inner dome cap PVC fitting gives a professional finish look to the end of your pipe. The outside of the cap comes flush with the outside of the pipe. Note: The internal cap only works with Sch.40 pipe (furniture grade or regular utility grade).

Give us a call for any questions or ideas. 

Internal Cap fittings are available in the following sizes:

Products that go well with Internal Cap's.

4 Way LT

5 Way X


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