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Internal and Flush Fittings

Internal Caps - Internal PVC Caps fit inside of the end of Schedule 40 PVC pipe, leaving a smooth, flush, domed end. Circo PVC Internal Caps have a smooth domed shape on the top. Their flush and simple appearance gives a smooth and professional look to projects.

*Note: Includes our #85-F (1-1/4 inch Internal Ball Cap)












Radius Fishmouth - 1-1/4" Fishmouth PVC Adapters allows 1-1/4 in. Size Schedule 40 PVC pipe to connect to another 1-1/4 in. Size PVC pipe using fasteners, perpendicularly. Can also be used as a rest for PVC pipe, to aid in keeping pipe in place.











3 Way PVC fitting

Internal Tee - PVC internal tee fittings are designed to give a sleek look to a joining tee connection. 











Internal Coupling - PVC internal coupling connects two segments of Schedule 40 PVC pipe internally, leaving a smooth, flush connection. 











internal tee
Internal Tee - 1-1/4 inch (for 1-1/4" PVC
Internal Tee - 1/2 inch (for 1/2" PVC

Internal Coupling - 1/2 inch (fits inside 1/2" PVC)

Internal Coupling - 3/4 inch (fits inside 3/4" PVC)

Internal Coupling - 1 inch (fits inside 1" PVC)

Internal Coupling - 1-1/4 inch (fits inside 1-1/4" PVC)

Internal Snap Adapter

Internal Snap Adapter - PVC internal snap adapters connects a 3/4" fitting to a segment of 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe internally, leaving a smooth, flush connection. Once installed the pieces are tightly connected but also are able to be pulled apart and reconnected.











Internal Snap Adapter - Female - 1 inch (goes into 1" pipe)
Internal Snap Adapter - Female - 1 inch (goes into 1" pipe)

Clip T 

The Clip T is designed to snap onto 1 inch PVC pipe while either a 1/2 inch PVC support pipe is inserted into the perpendicular socket, or a 1 inch pipe is fitted to the outside of the socket. Perfect for support legs and other structural supports. Also useful for holding up fruit tree branches.
Note: attaching the 1 inch pipe to the socket requires a rubber mallet to secure the fitting. It is a very tight squeeze.

Clip T with 1/2" pipe in socket

Clip T with 1" pipe over socket

Note: This combination requires using a rubber mallet to force the socket into the 1 inch pipe. It takes some persuation but it will eventually listen. Happy building!
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