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PVC Kits

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arched chicken pen

Arched 3'x9' Chicken Coop- Includes PVC frame (pipe and fittings) for a 3 ft. by 9 ft. arched pen. 



GREEN Arched 3'x9' Chicken Coop

WHITE Arched 3'x9' Chicken Coop

flat top chicken coop

Flat Top 3'x9' Chicken Coop

Flat Top 3'x9' Chicken Coop


Arched PVC Greenhouse fittings

Arched Greenhouse- Includes fittings and clamps needed for an 11.5ft. x 12.5ft. arched greenhouse. Colors may vary.



arched PVC greenhouse

Geodesic Fitting Kit 1/2 inch

Geodesic Fitting Kit

1 inch / 1-1/2 inch

Geodesic Domes
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