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Slip T

Slip T's connect a PVC pipe into the socket, while another PVC pipe of the same size is allowed to slip through perpendicularly.

Circo Slip T fittings are available in Furniture grade and the above colors. Call for other COLORS (1-877-762-7782)

The “Slip T” PVC fittings, also know as a TL, pass through tees, or slip sling tees are commonly used in building PVC structures where you don’t want to compromise the strength of the pipe by cutting it. With no stops in the top of the Slip T, you can simply slide it onto the pipe where you want it. They also make good PVC pipe hinges. If you want to fix them permanently after they are set in place, glue or a self tapping screw will make it stay. Give us a call for any questions or ideas. 

Slip T fittings are available in the following sizes:

Products that go well with Slip T's.

3 Way L

Slip Cross


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