Circo PVC fittings are designed to fit standard schedule 40 PVC pipe with very few exceptions.

However, our Snap Clamps, Grip Clamps, Snap Hinges, and Cable Clamps have additional applications. Please take note, these items were designed for a specific fit but may also fit other applications not listed. If you need help with sizing please give us a call.




Snap Clamps are labeled according to the standard schedule 40 PVC measurement. 

*Example: a #11 (1/2") Snap Clamp will fit snuggly around a 1/2" standard schedule 40 pipe.


Click on the part number below to see more details about the sizing.

Snap Clamps

Note: EMT stands for Electrical Metal Tubing. It has a slightly different outside diameter than Schedule 40 PVC pipe. PVC Pipe shown above is Furniture Grade Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Below shows Snap Clamps on EMT.


Grip Clamps & Snap Hinges

Item # 252 - Fits 3/4 inch PVC pipe or 1 inch EMT (metal conduit)

Item # 253 - Fits 1 inch PVC pipe or 1-1/4 inch EMT (metal conduit)

Item # 21 - (I.D. 0.925 in.) Fits over #11 Snap Clamp or 3/4 inch EMT 

Item # 22 - (I.D. 1.1 in.) Fits over #12 Snap Clamp or 1 inch EMT

Item # 23 - (I.D. 1.25 in.) Fits 1 inch PVC or 1-3/8 inch EMT

(1-3/8 inch is chain link top rail)

Item # 24 - (I.D. 1.76 in.) Fits over #14 Snap Clamp or loosely fits 1-1/2 inch EMT

This video shows Item #253 Snap Hinge in action. This size hinge is designed to clamp securely to 1 in. PVC. This item works well for doors, windows, and vents in greenhouses and other PVC structures.


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