Side Saddle Tee

Tee fittings join PVC pipe at three points for frame and structure interconnections. All three sockets are on the same plane.

NEW Add a perpendicular pipe to your project without cutting or taking apart your PVC frame. Based on Snap Clamp design and function, this tee fitting allows you to easily install a 90 degree extension onto your PVC project. Great for adding strength to long spans of pipe, adding a section of pipe to your box frame or creating a cross-brace for your project.        Check out the video to see how it works!

Side Saddle Tee fittings are available in the following sizes:

Try our Internal Tee for a more sleek appearance.

Try our Clip Tee for a similar type of attachment.

Products that go well with Side Saddle Tee's.

4 Way LT

5 Way X


Try our Internal Tee for a more sleek appearance.

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