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Build Your Own Portable Chicken Coop

If you can work with PVC and you are handy with Do It Yourself projects then you have what it takes to build your own chicken coop. And if you haven't had much experience with PVC and you haven't done many DIY projects you still have what it takes to build your own portable PVC chicken coop.

The best part is we at Circo Innovations are here to help along the way. We have designed a portable "hoop style" chicken coop frame that is easy to build and even easier to maintain. Using our specialized PVC fittings and our preformed arches you can construct a 3 foot by 9 foot chicken coop.

Portable Arched roof chicken coop

With this chicken pen design there are many advantages including the ability to easily move to pen around to always supply fresh ground for the brood. PVC is ideal for these types of structures because of how lightweight it is and because it doesn't require fancy tools. To download the Free Plans click this link. Once you have built your PVC frame then wrap the outside with chicken wire and use corrugated metal and self tapping screws to an end section of the roof to create a shelter from the rain and elements. If you would rather have a flat top chicken coop we have the fittings and plans for that as well.

Using PVC for chicken coops is a great way to create a safe haven for your chickens and not break the bank. Not only that but there comes a time when a simple 3 ft. by 9 ft. pen won't contain the flock of birds you may accumulate. When that day comes all you may need is a few more fittings and lengths of pipe to expand your preexisting chicken coop.

To order your kit today or for advice please call 1-877-762-7782

To download the PDF of our chicken coop click this button.

Click the button below for more plans and ideas from Circo Innovations, Inc.

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