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How to Build the Best PVC Greenhouse

We get asked very often about ideas on building greenhouses and the way to get the most bang for your buck. There are hundreds of different types of greenhouses on the market right now, specifically ones that cater to the hobby

grower. Many of these structures feature nifty ideas like automatic ventilation, shelving, fans, and cool lighting, but those houses are pretty pricey, like in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. That's a lot of cheese. We have a solution for you! Our latest PVC plan calls for 1-inch PVC pipe and fittings in the shape of an arch to form a very cool looking and efficient greenhouse. There are piles of advantages to this type of greenhouse over standard flat wall greenhouses, and by using materials like PVC we are able to keep the cost minimal. Low structure cost leaves more time and money for seeds, quality soil ingredients, and irrigation methods. In this article we will address the advantages and talk about some new features.

1.) Arched Design: Greenhouses are designed to maximize light coming in to the structure and hold warmth throughout the day and into the night. In an arched design there are very few corners, which is great because that means there is hardly any dead air space and, if positioned correctly, the structure will allow light to come in at most angles and then actually refract more readily against the curved walls to stay in the structure. Genius!

2.) Fully Expandable: This arched greenhouse kit can be extended. Many times people underestimate the amount of space needed for their greens and they don't buy enough greenhouse to support the growth. In this PVC Arched Greenhouse the rear entrance can easily be rolled up and with a second kit and some more arches you can simply keep adding on more length to your greenhouse. This 12.5-foot greenhouse can easily be turned into a 25-foot greenhouse! Mind Blown.

3.) Inexpensive yet Functional: PVC fittings and pipe are strong but inexpensive! The beauty of PVC fittings and pipe is that you can add almost any feature you want. Be creative. There are ideas for shelving, extra ventilation, drip tubing, and lighting that can easily be integrated by using our full line of PVC fittings and now that we have this available in 1 inch you have access to our most popular fittings.

For example: Want to build a shelf in the corner of the greenhouse? All you need are a few Side Saddle Tees and some Elbow fittings and you could easily build a shelf at the end of the house.

To learn about this NEW Arched Greenhouse kit check out our new video showing how to build it and then click over to our store to grab your kit today! In addition, for more ideas on building greenhouses and sustainable living visit our friends at

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