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Rain is in the forecast for Northern California and not only are we ready for it, we really need it. When it comes to preparing for the heavy rain there are a few things that need to be done to be sure that equipment, plants, and outdoor supplies are protected. In the instance of covering the boat, the standard cover that straps around the hull and over the cabin area can only do so much. If you've ever had to cover a boat and check on it after a storm chances are you found that the cover was holding gallons of water, or the cover failed under the weight of the buckets of water that it accumulates. If you have dealt with this problem and are ready for a solution that is simple, economical, a

The Future is Green

Also known as hoop houses or row covers, the tunnels consist of U-shaped metal or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ribs draped by thin plastic sheets which are held on by Snap Clamps. They provide shade for sun-sensitive crops, protect tender plants from frost, help control insects and boost yields. Why build hoop houses instead of traditional greenhouses? Primarily because they don’t need artificial heat when temperatures drop. Passive solar heat is enough to protect plants. You can walk under high tunnels and many of the caterpillar tunnels, which resemble poly-covered Quonset huts linked end to end. Being able to plant, harvest and cultivate even if conditions are bad outside is a huge advantage

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