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Build a Low Budget Heavy Duty PVC Carport that Lasts

We set out to build an arched style carport to store things in for the winter. This project had a variety of challenges but in the end we came up with a super resilient structure that has stood the test of time lasting almost 2 years now. This project needed to fit a 20' boat as well as a bunch of other random stuff. We started out on a tight budget and needed this thing to be strong and to last a long time. On top of that we didn't have much time to build it so we wanted to try and be done in a weekend. We made a great Youtube video on how we did it. Our design ended up being built with 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe and the structure had roughly a 12 ft. wide by 28 ft. long area. We have been impressed with how durable this structure has been. Last winter we experienced a snow storm that brought 3 ft of snow in a 24 hours and many of the metal buildings in our area caved in and crashed. Meanwhile, our carport we built did have some wear and tear from the storm but was easily repairable and did a fantastic job of shedding most of the snow. We are thrilled with this design and I think you will be too. Here's some information you'll need to build it. Click the video below to watch how we built this.

The following items are what you'll need to build a similar design:

22. Snap Cross (item 264)

60. Slip Cross (item 134-F Slip)

50. Snap Clamps (item 14)

7. Grizzly Board (item 88)

3. Zebo Rod (item 367-84)

16. Zebo Clamps (item #364)

Parts List Continuation: (Parts you can buy at most local hardware or plumbing stores)

31. 20 foot sections of 1-1/4” schedule 40 PVC pipe.

30. 1-3/8” outside diameter metal tubbing (chain link top rail)

250. 1/2” self tapping screws -100. 1” self tapping screws

1 pint. PVC glue

Tools ⚒️ you will need:

Tape Measure

Rubber mallet


Screw gun


Marking pen

Mason string


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