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DIY PVC Industrial Curtain Rods & Mounting Brackets

Style trends change every few years, and keeping up with them can get expensive. One of the HOT trends right now is Industrial Design. This trend can get really expensive if you are starting from scratch and in new construction or it can be inexpensive if you already have an older building or space to start with. This style is about streamlined design with mixed materials and textures, and perfectly styled for converted factories, rustic lofts, old barns and abandoned gas stations.

This look consists of:

- high ceilings with exposed beams and brick walls

- metal accents – exposed ventilation, plumbing, electrical, ductwork, steel window frames

- cream, gray, brown, tan, and black color palettes

- metal, leather, or wood furniture with hard, clean lines

- textured textiles with few or no colored patterns

- retro appliances, antique-looking wall clocks and signs, marquees, factory inspired and exposed filament lighting

- old wood or concrete floors

An easy accent for this style is galvanized metal curtain rods and mounting brackets. (Can also be used as a towel rod or art hanging rod). These can be bought pre-packaged online or made from pieces that you find at the hardware store. These two options can get very expensive, especially if you have multiple windows to cover or very large windows. We have come up with an inexpensive DIY alternative made with PVC pipe, PVC fittings and a little spray paint. The pipe can be found at any hardware or plumbing store and we carry all of the fittings needed for this project. We used thick-wall (schedule 80) PVC pipe because of the span covered and weight of the curtains. via Houzz

All of our fittings are sized according to Schedule 40 PVC pipe. We chose to use utility grade fittings because they are cheaper and have the look we want for the finished product.

Here's what you'll need:

2 of the 1” Table Caps (Item 103-F) only available in 1” Furniture grade - ($2.68 ea.)

2 of the 1” to 3/4” Reducers (Item #192-U) ($0.56/ea.)

2 of the 90 degree Elbow in 3/4” (Item #112-U) – ($.77ea)

1 section of schedule 80 PVC pipe - cut at 32” long – (3/4” x 10’ Sch80 = $15.54)

2 sections of schedule 80 PVC pipe - cut at 2” long

Sheetrock Screws – ($4.99 for 100pk)

Spray paint – (we used “Rust-Oleum UNIVERSAL Hammered Paint & Primer in One” in Black) - $14.99)

#8-10 x 1 ¼” Ribbed Plastic Wall Anchors (Optional) – ($8.59 for 25pk)

Product Total - $52.13 + tax

Here's a how to video to help you get started!

Compare this to spending over $100 on the same project. See below. Why not cut your spending in half and build with PVC. They'll never know!

To see more PVC plans and Ideas visit us online or check out our Youtube channel.

Circo Innovations, Inc.

Grass Valley, CA



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