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New Circo Cable Clamps?

Cable Clamp on wire

Attaching sheet like material to wire is no simple task. If the material has grommets or holes to slide the wire or rope through, the job is easier but still laborious to thread each hole. Also, when you're faced with securely fastening netting or shade cloth that doesn't have designated holes or loops, the job can get frustrating very quickly. That's where Circo Cable Clamps become your best friend. Cable Clamps are designed to securely fasten materials to wire or rope.

1C-2B Cable Clamps come in handy when you're wanting to cover grapes, berries, or other types of plants for bird and pest protection. The picture above shows our smallest size cable clamp on an 1/8 inch wire. This application is specifically useful for securing different types of grape or berry cover films to small 1/8 inch support wire to ensure better coverage and to eliminate gaps in the material. Click Here to read more on the 1C-2B Cable Clamp.

If you're needing to fasten material to larger wire, rope or tubing we have sizes that will work. Here is a list of types of rope, wire, or tubing that each of the larger sizes generally fit.

3/16 inch coated cable

1/4 inch uncoated galvanized cable

1/4 inch rope

1/4 inch tire soaker tube

7 strand sprinkler wire

1/4 inch drip tube

1/4 inch vinyl tube

18 gauge 2 strand Electrical wire

1/4 inch coated cable

5/16 nylon rope

3/8 twisted nylon rope

3/8 floating hollow polypropylene braided rope

3/8 inch galvanized aircraft cable

7/16 inch truck rope

Derby Rope

1/2 inch poly hose

1/2 inch OD vinyl tube or braided PVC tubing

If you need to secure sheet like material to wire, rope, tubing, or other types of cylindrical lengths, Circo Cable Clamps are the best way. For larger applications using EMT or PVC structures try using Circo Snap Clamps. Thanks for reading.

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