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What is a Snap Clamp?

A common phrase you hear at Circo Innovations, Inc. is, "Snap, like snap your fingers, and Clamp, like clamp something down." This usually occurs over the phone when we are trying to clarify the name of our most popular product with a customer. This description effectively doubles as a great way to sum up the Snap Clamp.

Most commonly used as a device for holding sheet like material to a tubed structure or frame, the Snap Clamp is as easy as snapping your fingers to use, and it securely clamps the material to a pipe or tube.

When Joe Ramey was a tile contractor he was faced with a problem. You see, many times he worked inside of these mansions that required not only loads of tile, but tons of special cuts. The problem arose when he had to cut all this tile to fit. If you have ever used a tile saw or been around one you know it can get very messy and dusty. Instead of going in and out of the house to cut his pieces, he decided to build himself a PVC tile saw surround. His solution, cut thinwall PVC to fabricate the very first Snap Clamps to hold plastic sheeting around the PVC enclosure.

Tile Surround using Snap Clamps

For Snap Clamps this was just the tip of the iceberg. After filing for a patent on the Snap Clamp, Joe and his son Josh, along with the other 6 kids and Joe's wife Sue, worked many hard hours looking for applications and uses for this inspiration. Looking to the Lord Jesus for guidance and creativity, they sent samples to hardware/gardening stores and attended trade shows. To make a long story short, the company started producing hundreds of thousands of these clamps in various different sizes to be used across countless industries and applications. The primary application was found in agriculture. The need for covering crops and creating a barrier to the elements is necessary for extending the growing season and protecting plants.

Snap Clamp

Snap Clamps are made of a special blend of ABS with a UV Stabilizer. Years of testing have proven that this special material stands up better than PVC under long term use and has the ability to withstand intense heat and sun. The clamp has special gripping ridges on the inside so that whatever material it is holding does not slip out. On the outer edges of the Snap Clamp you will find a nice curled up lip for easier removal. Snap Clamps come in all shapes and sizes from 1/2 inch up to 2 inch, and also 4 inch lengths or 4 foot lengths. You can even order some of the sizes in black and Circo Green, which in my opinion is much easier on the eyes, especially for outdoor projects. Snap Clamps can be bought directly from Circo Innovations, or you can find them at other retailers around the country. To further understand the many uses of Snap Clamps I've included a picture gallery below. Thank you for reading.

Visit our Online Store to order some of your very own Snap Clamps. When you order make sure you know what size pipe you will be dealing with. Please refer to our sizing helps so that you order the correct size. For help or advice please give us a call.

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