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How To: 9 Square with PVC Pipe and Fittings

9 Square – “9 Square in the Air” came about through a youth ministry in St. Louis, MO in 2010. Youth Pastor Steve Otey wanted to help his students more comfortably interact and get to know each other. He noticed that certain activities/games were consistently more popular than others week after week. Steve combined multiple activities/games and “9 Square in the Air” was born. 9 Square is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and ability levels, making it perfect for camp, youth ministry, school, athletic clubs, camping, the beach and at home fun.

The rules are simple – advance through the 9 squares of the game to the center, and stay there as long as possible.

After many requests and multiple customers looking to build their own game we have come up with an adjustable 9 square game. Take a look at the DIY PVC - Adjustable 9 Square with PVC pipe and fittings. This PVC design is a setup that uses Snap Clamps and telescoping PVC pipes to make the game to your desired height. This design can also be broken down and easily transported. We designed this product so we could offer it to a wide range of individuals of all heights and ages.

a boy spiking the ball during a game of 9 square volleyball
Spike the ball playing 9 square

- YouTube – Circo How to Build Video -

Playing 9 square volleyball at the beach
9 square at the beach

Playing 9 square volleyball at the campsite
Adjustable height on 9 square game

Here's the parts you'll need to build an adjustable PVC 9 square game:

•4 of the 1-1/4” 5-Way Fitting (Item #54-F)

•4 of the 1-1/4” 3-Way Fitting (Item #34-F)

•8 of the 1-1/4” 4-Way Fitting (Item #44-F)

•4 of the 1-1/4” 4’ Snap Clamps (Item #04)

•40 Sections of the 1-1/4” PVC pipe cut to 58-3/4” long.

•16 Sections of the 1-5/8” Inner diameter pipe cut to 5’ long.

See the links next to the pictures above to see how to build this project. For more PVC projects and ideas visit us online and check out our Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe to see the latest ideas.

To purchase any of our items go to our website at

Thank you for choosing Circo Innovations for all of your PVC pipe and fitting needs. If you do not see our clamps and PVC fittings in your local hardware store, ask them to carry Circo products.

Credits: 9 Square in the Air, Circo Innovations

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