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DIY PVC Backdrop Stand

Backdrops are an easy and inexpensive way to add drama, interest, design, ambiance or fun to a space or event. Backdrops are great for birthday parties, graduations, weddings, photo-ops, plays, or business displays. Once the frame has been built, there is an endless list of options for getting the look you want. Using curtains, pre-made/printed backdrops, balloons, flowers, banners, streamers, paper, lights, plastic, fabric, wall paper, table clothes, and on and on. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a pre-built frame, or build your own for less than $100. In most cases you can find most of what you need around the house. If you don’t have what you need, you can find everything at or your local hardware/plumbing store. This link is for the backdrop we made for a book booth at the county fair. Watch our YouTube video here.

Here are a few ideas we found on YouTube and Pinterest that use products we carry, and below are just a few examples of products we carry to help you build any design/style frame you want. Easily build the standard square or rectangle, circular, double backdrop, canopy, and so much more.


Note: On all of these projects a Slip Tee or Slip Cross can be used in place of a Standard Tee or Cross and save you from having to make so many cuts, and provide better stability. Pipe will slide right through a Slip Tee and Slip Cross.

NOTE: All pipe and fittings sizes are based on Schedule 40 PVC. Most fittings come in both Furniture & Utility Grade.

1. Furniture Grade PVC Pipe. ½” to 2” sizes in standard and thin wall.

- - Items: #170 to #176.

2. 90 Elbow – ½” to 2” in Furniture grade and ½” to 4” in Utility grade.

- Items: #111-F to #116-F and #111-U to #119-U.

3. 45 Elbow – ½” to 2”

- Items: #141-F to #146-F and #141-U to 146-U

4. Standard Tee’s - ½” to 2”.

- Items: #121-F - #121-F and #121-U - #126-U.

5. Slip Tee – ½” to 2”.

- Items: #61-F to #65-F and #61-U to #65-U.

6. Side Saddle T1” only.

- Item: #353

7. Cross (4 Way) – ½” - 2”.

- Items: #131-F to #136-F and #131-U to #136-U.

8. Slip Cross – ½” to 1 ¼”. Furniture grade only.

- Items: #131-F Slip to #134-F Slip.

9. 3-Way L – ½” to 2”.

- Items: #31-F to #36-F and #31-U to #36-U.

10. 4-Way L – ½” – 2”.

- Items: #41-F to #46-F and #41-U to #46-U.

11. Screw Tab Cap – 1” to 2”. Furniture grade only.

- Items: #103-F to #106-F.

12. Table Base (3 leg T) - 1 ¼” only

- Item: #84-F.

13. Wye 45 Series – ¾” to 1 ½”. Utility Grade only.

- Items: #202-U to #205-U.

14. Snap Hinge – ½” to 1”.

- Items: #251 to #253.

15. Adjustable Joint Fittings (Adjustable 2-Way to 5-Way) 1” and 1 ¼” only.

- Items: #243-F to 243-5F (1”) and Items: #244-F to #244-5F (1 ¼”)

16. Snap Clamps – Standard, EZ, Pro and 4ft.

- Standard Grip – ½” x 4” to 2” x 4”. Items: #10 to #16. (#10 fits ½” EMT Conduit)

- EZ Grip – ½” x 4” to 2” x 4”. Items: #11EZ to #15EZ.

- Pro Clamps – ½” x 3.5” to 2” x 3.5”. Items: #11R to #16R.

- 4ft Clamps – ½” x 4’ to 1 ½” x 4’. Items: #00 to #05. (#00 fits ½” EMT Conduit)

If you need more help with you project give us a call or check out some more of our latest plans and ideas! Thank you for taking the time to read this and let us know what project you'd like to see next.

Circo Innovations, Inc.

Grass Valley, CA

Build. Grow. Protect.

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