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PVC Indoor/Outdoor Grow Rack

As the snow and rain continue to fall, it’s time to start planning for this year’s garden. Indoor seeding is not only a great way to get a head start on this year’s planting, but it also helps beat the winter blues. Start your seeds with the Circo Indoor/Outdoor PVC Grow Rack. You can build a PVC Grow Rack that can be made to fit your space and production needs. This design is easy to assemble and can be broken down and easily stored for next year. We carry the fittings needed to make a Grow Rack with schedule-40 PVC pipe in any size from ½” to 1 ½”. A few fittings, PVC pipe, pipe cutters, and set screws (optional) are all that is needed to get your garden started. This rack can also be made mobile with a few quick, easy modifications.

Easy PVC Grow Rack for your spring starts


Here’s a quick video of this project:


The parts needed for the 3/4” Grow Rack in this video are listed below (all of these items can be purchased in ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-¼” or 1-½” to fit your size/design needs). Click each item name below to see the listing in our online store.

PVC Grow Rack for early plant starts indoor
PVC Grow Rack for your spring starts

-        90* Elbow  - 

-       Slip Tee  - 

-       3-Way L  - 

-       4-Way LT  - 

If you are unsure of when to start your seeds, we found some great resources to help you figure that out based on your location and the last frost of the year.

-          Lady Lee’s Home –           

Thank you for taking the time to read and good luck with your project this spring! Follow us on Facebook and YouTube to keep up with our latest projects.

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