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PVC Gothic Arch Greenhouse 8'x8'

Looking for a great new project to build this fall to extend your growing season or protect your equipment?

Look no further than the Gothic Arch Greenhouse. Our new design has a sleek look, better water/snow shedding capabilities and better head-room than the Arched Greenhouse (although still a great design option). This new idea adds a cool architectural look to your property/space, and doesn't require 20ft sticks of PVC pipe. This new design utilizes multiple door and window design options for ventilation as well as bracing for versatility so you can use this for a greenhouse, storage shed, play house, etc.. The possibilities are endless. Check out the videos below for the full and quick build versions.

NOTE: All fitting sizes are based on 1” Schedule 40 PVC Pipe. This kit uses pipe no longer than 10 feet long.


1. (4) Pipe Stakes (#81-F)

2. (60) Snap Clamps (#13-R)

3. (12) Slip Cross (#133-F Slip)

4. (12) Slip Tee (#63-F)

5. (14) Side Saddle Tee (#353)

6. (4) Side Saddle Tee Hanging (#353-H)

7. (18) 90* Ell (#113-F)

8. (6) 45* Ell (#143-F)

9. (2) PVC Cap (#163-F)

10. (3) 4-Way (#43-F)

11. (4) 3-Way (#33-F)

12. (4) Snap Hinge (#253)

13. (2) Snap Cross (#263)

14. (80) Set Screws (#SC#8)


1. (11) – 10’ Sections

2. (1) – 8’ Section

3. (2) – 76 ½” Sections

4. (2) – 74” Sections

5. (3) – 31” Sections

6. (20) – 2’ Sections

7. (5) – 22” Sections

8. (4) – 18” Sections

9. (6) – 8” Sections

10. (10) – 3” Sections

Gothic Arch Greenhouse Assembly Instructions: The video below shows Step-by-Step how to assemble the Gothic Arch Greenhouse and the parts needed. Click the button below to view the Free Plans!

PVC Gothic Arch Greenhouse Quick Video: In this video David gives a quick tour of the interior of our Gothic Arch Greenhouse showing the headroom and interior structural supports, along with how the roll-up back door option works. We will introduces you to our NEW rounded edge Pro Series Snap Clamp (#13-R) and the benefits they provide in protecting your plastic from tearing. Evan explains the use of the Hanging Side Saddle Tee (#353-H) in giving structural support on high wind areas.

To see more great ideas click the button below!

Circo Innovations, Inc.

Grass Valley, CA



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