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7 Advantages of Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are gaining momentum on farms and in neighborhoods. But why? It would seem easier to simply build a right-angled structure with nice vertical walls and 90 degree corners. While it may be true that standard construction methods are easier because they are more common, domes are getting easier to build and they offer appealing advantages. This article will outline 7 reasons why gardeners and greenhouse growers are choosing geodesic domes over standard greenhouse structures.

Essentially a dome is an arch that has been rotated 180 degrees on its central axis. And when properly built, domes can have as much, if not more, structural strength than similar sized arched roof structures. All this strength and yet the dome doesn't have interior supports, which allows for a very large open space that uses 25% less materials to build. Geodesic domes are the strongest, lightest and one of the most efficient means of enclosing space. From an agricultural stand point, domes have many clear advantages. Listed below are seven great reasons to grow in domes.

Circo Geodesic Dome