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7 Advantages of Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are gaining momentum on farms and in neighborhoods. But why? It would seem easier to simply build a right-angled structure with nice vertical walls and 90 degree corners. While it may be true that standard construction methods are easier because they are more common, domes are getting easier to build and they offer appealing advantages. This article will outline 7 reasons why gardeners and greenhouse growers are choosing geodesic domes over standard greenhouse structures.

Essentially a dome is an arch that has been rotated 180 degrees on its central axis. And when properly built, domes can have as much, if not more, structural strength than similar sized arched roof structures. All this strength and yet the dome doesn't have interior supports, which allows for a very large open space that uses 25% less materials to build. Geodesic domes are the strongest, lightest and one of the most efficient means of enclosing space. From an agricultural stand point, domes have many clear advantages. Listed below are seven great reasons to grow in domes.

Circo Geodesic Dome

1.) The dome shape is particularly efficient at shedding elements like snow and wind. In fact a family in Florida built their home in the shape of a dome and their home has withstood a few hurricanes. Read more Here. These structures are naturally resistant to incredible forces because they have a lack of flat surfaces, allowing the wind and elements to pass around the dome.

2.) Dome shaped structures are very energy efficient. In some cases they will use only a quarter of what a standard rectangular structure of the same size would use. Due to no corners, domes are conducive to even temperatures throughout the structure and more efficient air circulation.

3.) High volume to surface area ratio means that less building materials are used and more space is available inside the building.

4.) Geodesic Domes insulate very efficiently and because of its unique shape, light actually refracts and stays inside the dome longer than other types of greenhouses. This feature amplifies winter lighting and also takes full advantage of solar gain, which means less artificial lighting.

5.) In the past, geodesic domes were too expensive and complicated to build. That's not the case any longer. Using PVC pipe and greenhouse plastic you can build a geodesic dome for less than it costs to purchase some prefab greenhouses. Not only is a geodome inexpensive compared to other greenhouse options but it has far more advantages in durability and productivity.

6.) Whether you're building a geodesic dome or any other of our PVC greenhouses, they are all light and sturdy but they are also portable which means you probably don't need to have a building permit to construct them. Make sure and check your local building codes.

7.) Due to the construction technique of Circo Geodomes, each PVC joint sustains a portion of the weight of the whole structure. This means that the weight is distributed evenly across the dome which makes the structure very strong.

Circo Geodesic Domes are great for many reasons and can be used for many applications. Whether you are looking to build a chicken pen, pool cover, or backyard greenhouse, you can be assured that a geodesic dome can meet your needs. For pricing and more info please visit our online store. We supply unique dome hubs and can help you through figuring out what lengths your struts will need to be. Please call for help figuring out strut lengths.

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