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5 PVC Projects You'll Give Thanks For

Thanksgiving is here and so are fun days full of feasting and football! With turkey and naps on the mind, what else can there be to worry about? I remember being a young boy and not having the slightest interest in a nap or lounging around. I wanted to be outside playing backyard football or building a ramp for my bike. This Thanksgiving is the perfect chance to strengthen those bonds with the kids and family by building some inexpensive memories with PVC!

PVC Fort

1.) Build a PVC fort for reading or indoor games. Indoors may be the only option for many this year with the La Nina weather. Much of the country is going to be very wet and cold. So this project is perfect for indoor adventures and fun! You could even make a rule that if the kids want to rough-house they have to do it in the cube! This idea comes from an article on Indigo Amethyst. Use Snap Clamps to hold your fabric to the frame so you don't have to make loops.

2.) Make a PVC football field goal for those backyard showdowns. With these field goals you can host an annual Turkey Bowl football competition. One fun idea is a punt, pass, kick competition. This is a fun game where you try to march down the football field by punting the football first, then pass the ball as far as you can from where the punt stopped, and finally try to place-kick the ball through the uprights, from where the pass stopped. This project comes from Cameron Moll. You could also convert the lower portion of this goal into a soccer goal. Using Snap Clamps you can easily attach netting to the PVC frame to create a perfect soccer goal for those young futballers.

3.) Lastly, what is better than raking the yard and completing the chores over the long weekend? What better way to work off all those extra calories than to get some work done around the house or yard. This next project comes from three sources but all are excellent ideas for using PVC to make those chores a little easier. This features a hose caddy, sack frame, and yard rollers. These projects come from The PVC Workshop and Instructables.

PVC Yard Chores

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and continue to create and innovate using PVC! For any specialized PVC fittings or Snap Clamps give us a call or visit us online.

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