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The Latest in DIY Signage with PVC

Need an inexpensive way to show off your signage for your store or home? Our latest product is perfect for you. This new item allows you to easily attach your sign to a sturdy 1-inch PVC frame. The best part is that PVC can be built into nearly any configuration. That means if you need a sign that has four legs and is high off the ground, PVC makes it easy. Or, say you need a simple design for a sign that only requires a one leg center support and a lightweight configuration. Again, with PVC, an ABS Snap Frame and some creativity, it is simple.

Snap Frame PVC Sign holder

Snap Frames resemble Snap Clamps in many ways except that they have a 1/4-inch (6mm) slot molded into the design so that you can attach your sign. Like the Snap Clamp, the Snap Frame is made of ABS plastic which gives the product a rigid yet flexible quality.

As you can see in the picture the slot is on the side of the clamp so that when you have your sign fastened to the clamp you can then snap it in place onto your PVC frame. We recently used this product at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas for our show signage. It worked like a charm! Not only that but it looks great and is easy to cut and customize to your own specific lengths. If you prefer to have a continuous frame around your sign