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3 ideas for your next DIY greenhouse

First, we have a fresh take on our 11 ft. by 12 ft. arched greenhouse that uses 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe and fittings. In this particular build we actually extend the house to 20 ft. and make it slightly more narrow. But anyone can do that. In particular the biggest changes are the extra wide door and built in vent. Many times bringing in larger items like a wheelbarrow or a table is nearly impossible with a standard sized door but this over sized door entrance makes it a breeze! To learn how to build your own 10' x 20' greenhouse with an extra large entrance, watch the video below! To see the FREE plans for the standard 1-1/4 arched greenhouse click here.


Next we look at a cool idea for an urban greenhouse build. This particular design incorporates a gothic arch design and a unique take on the ridge beam. The best thing about this design is that it allows you to use most of the interior space of the greenhouse without having to stoop down to access the interior walls. Also, you can easily roll up the exterior plastic to access the outer edges. Having a narrower greenhouse allows you to avoid wasting interior space with "walking room" and allows you to fill the whole house with plants. For more info on how to build this type of greenhouse click here!


Finally, how about a self-watering pvc greenhouse? That sounds pretty awesome. This How-To will show you how to build an arched greenhouse that integrates a watering system into the framing of the greenhouse. This particular project uses the PVC Bendit product to bend the pipe. For small projects you probably will need this but for a full size greenhouse it's not necessary. To see how the sprayers are installed, you can skip to the 7-minute mark. To see this project in action watch the video below!


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