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Portable PVC Corral

The Portable PVC Corral can easily be folded up or disassembled. This is a great way to quickly corral your livestock on the go. It is stronger than electric fencing by itself and it’s easier to install compared to permanent metal fencing. This design uses many of our new items. All the new items are key to making this a more efficient design. This corral is made to be able to work in conjunction with electric fencing, and securing them to the piping by using Snap Clamps.

PVC Pipe and Fittings Corral

Parts List For One 5 ft. Panel

(All in 1-Inch)

(3) 5-foot links of inch PVC pipe (item #173)

(9) 13-inch links of inch PVC pipe (item #173)

(2) 90 degree Elbows (item #113-U)

(4) Tee's (item #123-U)

(2) Slip-Crosses (item #133-F)

(1) Slip-Tee (item #63-U)

(2) Aluminum Snap-Hinges (item #253)

(10) Snap Clamps (item #13)

(1) Snap Cross (item #263)

It is very important to space your electric fencing in the top and middle sections of the fence. This is key to keeping your livestock corralled. Also, like it shows in the video, you can place a stake every few feet to increase the strength of your fence. We like this PVC design because it allows you to create and design what ever you need. For more great ideas click the button below.

Circo PVC plans site

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